Tuesday, June 24, 2014

32. Today we started to see a little of the kingdom of heaven, here on earth.

Today Salome Joy Haythorpe is the guest writer for our YWAM Kickoff blog. Salome is an Australian living and working in Brazil

She works with Jovens Com Uma Missão (Youth With A Mission) Belo Horizonte as a missionary living within the largest slum community in the city. Her work is centred around her heart for young people in crisis that they would know God as a father and their value as a child of Him..

Today we started to see a little of the kingdom of heaven, here on earth.

We are running an event during the World Cup by showing the games on TV's in our house. At first it was really popular, but people stopped showing up and we became very discouraged. We had games with just 2 or 3 people.

We kept going anyway, setting up the TV, praying, bringing food for the canteen... and a thought pop into my head while I was helping to set up everything... "I should tell my testimony during half-time".

So I went to the street and tied to bring more people in... spoke to a man who was out front of his house, after I wandered over to the village drunks, boldly walked up to the drug dealers and finally found a friend or two to invite them to come see the game with us.

During our team´s prayer time, I shared what God was telling me to do. I was so nervous. Generally, I like to prepare things to be ready, but God was just telling me to let the Holy Spirit do His thing. A team member prayed with me... and then it was half-time.

I slowly walked to the front, picked up the microphone, made a static squeal noise that got every one's attention. Then I awkwardly began to explain what I was doing and why. I started from the beginning, I was hurt, suffered and I was healed. I wanted to share this with them and wouldn't take a NO for an answer.

Every single person in that place (about 15 showed up) received prayers. Some cried, one man gave his heart to Jesus, but everyone listened.

I remembered the Bible, saying: "How can they hear if no one preaches?".

And almost in tears, I was humbled by the way God had used me...

Now I just can say: What an encouragement for our team! We know God wants to pour out much more!

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