Thursday, June 5, 2014

19. Rio de Janeiro: God´s love trough football soccer, is it possible?

Hello All!

Do you remember our YWAM Base in Rio de Janeiro?

They developed a Football Soccer school for the youth community in the slums at Borel.

Maracanhá in Rio de Janeiro is getting prepared for the World Cup spending millions of dollars in stadiums renovation. Lots of Football fans are with high expectations for THE Event of the year. And the Borel community is not an exception.

But there are many football lovers who, despite their young age, have critical views about this investments. This video made by "Canal Futura" (a TV channel with broadcasts social programs), shows us one of the many sides of the World Cup and Brazil´s reality:

"In my opinion, this World Cup  is not completely right. There´s lots of money spent in a championship despite of all the people who are starving and suffering. I think this World Cup is unnecessary, at least here in Rio. While it is a big event, it´s more important to FIFA than to us..."

"I think it´s good to have a World Cup in Brazil, but what is really happening is that an absurd amount of money is spent in stadiums while the health system is poor, and there are even communities needing help for their basic living. All the investments ( the government) made will profit only football and the World Cup..."

" There are so many slums with poor people in need and they (the Government) are throwing lots of money at the World Cup..."

These young critics football lovers are part of  Borel´s Football Club. A project developed by YWAM Rio de Janeiro with 60 boys.

Participation of this Football Club is free. The only requirement is that participants attend school.

Beside football school, this YWAM base in the Borel Community is offering services like basic health care, counseling based on christian principles, educational support, computer lessons, and a daycare service for very young kids of the slum´s community.

"Football provides us a good opportunities to teach the kids to work with determination. And we need that in the slums community´s life. Through football we can reach anyone ... And that´s what we are trying to do. To show the possibility of different opportunities despite of the fact of being born in a slum community. So, through football and the actions involved we can see transformation and change..."

So... What do you think? It isn´t a great example of being light in the darkness and a way of bringing hope despite of life´s hard conditions?... This is a great example of practicing God´s love and care, making his love real through His people...

Don´t stop to support them with your prayers! We count on it!

Thank you again for your interest and your prayers!

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