Saturday, June 28, 2014

38. Half of the World Cup is finished... but who is our passion?

Half of The World Cup is finished and several national soccer teams have returned home, but Brazil and Holland are moving on. Many people ask us which team we root for and as you can see by Johan`s soccer sweater the answer is, both! But if you ask about our passion, then that is different because it extends beyond the borders of countries, our passion is the Lord Jesus!

It has been wonderful to hear so many great stories from all the 12 host cities of  The World Cup these last few weeks and here are several we would like to share from Belo Horizonte.

Women who work in the prostitution area in Belo Horizonte became much more open after YWAM missionaries played soccer with them on their team. The women have started going to the 24/7 prayer room (a ministry of Exodus Cry) to hear more about Jesus and some of them have given their lives to Jesus.

In the poor communities, favelas, where we have YWAM community centers,  we set up a few giant tv screens which we borrowed from Athletes in Action. The entire neighborhood was invited to come, and people showed up with their whole families. It has been a great success. Before and after the games and during halftime, the YWAM missionaries and members from visiting teams gave their testimonies of what Jesus means to them. Various people have already given their lives to Jesus.  

Around the stadiums, we have had big evangelistic outreaches. We gave out red cards against sexual exploitation, played drums, sang songs, preached, performed dramas etc. Every day we share new posts on the YWAM Kickoff Facebook page

Teams are coming and going until the middle of August. Young people from churches and many YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training Schools) teams from all around the world are here for this key time in Brazil to glorify the name of Jesus and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In Brazil alone there are about 1300 fulltime YWAM missionaries and it is fantastic to be able to work together in unity with so many different people.

We have one team that is traveling to 8 of the host cities of the World Cup. They made a documentary about Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Brazil. They are showing the documentary with their bus in public squares, beaches etc. so that people can be made aware of what is happening and with the hope that they will join the fight against this great evil. You can watch the documentary yourself if you click on this link.

The following pictures speak for themselves. (They were taken by Felipe Matias, YWAM missionary, and a gifted photographer)

Please continue to pray for us and all the national and international teams, that we will be able to proclaim the word of God, and that people will be convinced of the love of Jesus.

Thank you and God bless, 
Johan Lukasse and the Kickoff team

Friday, June 27, 2014

37. Let´s give a Huge HUG to the MARACANÃ (Rio de Janeiro) - a Peacefull strike!

BIG HUG at Maracanã Stadium: Brazilians and Others From Many Nations Gathered at Maracanã To Stand For Justice.

This peaceful protest of  prayer, Bible reading and artistic presentations involved approximately 1.200 people. By Amanda Ribeiro

Since the end of May, the sounds ringing through Rio de Janeiro are akin to those of alien invaders, literally everywhere you go you hear people speaking a myriad of different languages...Spanish, English, French, Korean and many others. The sounds are non-stop, muddled and even a bit confusing. But on Saturday, June 21st, in the late afternoon, all this chaos was silenced and all these different languages in 1,200 different voices were in one accord as they lifted high the name that is above every name, Jesus. Why? All because of an initiative, called "Hug At Maracanã" (Abraço no Maracanã), spearheaded by the organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Its purpose? To gather around the stadium and pray, read the Bible and seek God's plans and purposes for the nation of Brazil.

One of the event planners. David Barreto, originally from Bahia, has lived and worked with his family with YWAM in the Rio communities of Parada de Lucas, Tuiuti and Borel for 20 years; commented, "I understand that The Church needs to be alert to society´s daily challenges" said Barreto. He stated that the main purpose of the event was to pray for the government, church, and for justice to be brought to bear in the areas of corruption and human trafficking,

After praying, each person was assigned a portion of scripture and then at the same time each person read aloud their assigned passage so that the entire Bible was read in twenty minutes, "The Word of God is the source of the life, joy and inspiration to see Nations transformed'", Barreto said.

Teams from Australia, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, and United States participated in the event and held banners and flags in different languages​​. According to Barreto, one of the positive points of this event was, " see Argentinians and Brazilians, praying together for the nation."  (As an aside, Brazil and Argentina are intense soccer rivals.) Barreto believes that, "...everyone who participated will leave changed and will be more proactive in the daily life of their nations and society as a whole."

Yuri Xirimbimbi is from Angola and has lived in Brazil for almost a year. He said: "It was very nice to see people from different places gathered, praying for justice and for the principles and values ​​of God´s Kingdom to be established in Rio de Janeiro and all of Brazil." Xirimbimbi was also surprised because, "I thought Brazil was a very well developed and culturally advanced country. I never thought the same needs that are in Angola are also here, like improved infrastructure... I understood there are needs everywhere, some places need more than others. And Brazil also needs the Gospel and discipleship training in God´s Word, just like any other nation."

Art And Awareness at Maracanã 

One of the teams came to the event from Piratininga City (locates in the State of São Paulo) to present the show "Ninguemdade" (Everything and Nothing). The drama explains the roots of the Brazilian people. 

To one of the team members, Rafael Pereira, the performance at Maracanã "....was  a good way to explain human trafficking for those who are unaware of it happening around them. Artistic expression is generally a very good way to reach a wide variety of people. The drama was based on a Darcy Ribero´s book called "Povo Brasilero (Brazilian People)". The drama introduced our strong cultural roots and values to people from the different nations gathered for the event. We believe that cross-cultural understanding pleases God."

Carol Martin, is a Colombian actress, who lives in Argentina. She came to Brazil to attend the art school that developed the show "Ninguemdade". She had this to say. "We prayed against human trafficking and while we were praying I was shocked to discover how many kids are involved in child prostitution and the fact that Brazil is the major international destination for sex tourism. We know that lots of tourists think that exploiting a minor is 'culturally accepted' here and they do it. People from all over the world should know that this is not acceptable. We must make people aware because the government does not and these activities were a great way to inform the community about something that is unspoken, almost taboo."

Carol also said, "Brazil is more than "Selling Easy Sex". I have found that most Brazilians have great values​​, care for people who are suffering, and children who are/were abused and/or sold". The actress has vacationed in Brazil prior to this and said that "Almost everybody outside Brazil  presumes that Brazilians are samba dancing all the time, everybody is happy and walks almost naked on the streets. But it is not so, it is a completely different reality. "

Kickoff RIO will continue working for 2 weeks after the end of The World Cup.

More information about Rio Kickoff project can be found on the or on the Facebook page, "YWAM Rio Kickoff".

Ananda_Ribeiro (26)Ananda_Ribeiro (34)Ananda_Ribeiro (35)Ananda_Ribeiro (55)Ananda_Ribeiro (56)Ananda_Ribeiro (59)

35. Our Passion Goes Beyond Soccer...!!!!

Our Passion Goes Beyond Soccer!

Take a look at this, and don´t stop praying for us!

Thank you so much for your support!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

34. God´s love spread and shared through hugs and affirmation words for the kids at Vila União.

During the World Cup the Rescue House team adopted "Vila União" a slum in Belo Horizonte, where they play with the kids, teach in the VBS and watch together Brazil´s games.

Jessica Elisa Kock, is a YWAM´s missionary. She told us about the program developed by YWAM BH - Rescue House to work with kids:

"Lots of games, music and big laughs. This 3 words can resume all the days we´ve passed with the kids and pre-teens at Vila União, a slum community here in Belo Horizonte."

"We felt very welcomed from the first day and every single day after, while we watch Brazil´s matches and also the game-off days. 

You can hear the boys screaming in the houses rounded block, because they want to win every game. The girls sit on the stairs to braid each other´s hair. 

After this we all gather to sit and watch the skits prepared by the DTS students. And finally, of course, we watch our dear Brazil´s football team playing.

At the end of the day the noise only gets bigger and bigger!." 

"This has been a time fulfilled by energy. Even my body gets tired because of so much playing, running and dancing I felt very emotionally motivated. God had taught me about giving freely the most precious present for anybody: LOVE.

Yes, I had shared all the love I´ve received from Him trough hugs and affirmation words for those kids.
And it brings me such a big happiness!!!" 

Jessica Elisa Kock é missionaria da JOCUM e trabalha na Casa Resgate em Belo Horizonte.

33. YWAM Curitiba, at the same heart beat with local Churches!!!

Look some photos from Giovanio Rocha, our contact at Curitiba

YWAM Curitiba & the Metropolitan Region bases are developing a great work with different types of actions. 
Curitiba is in the State of Paraná in Brazil, and there are around 5 bases in the region, all of them are united with local churches and focused on evangelization during the World Cup around the stadium.

A stage was set up in the central square (Praça Rui Barbosa) to make artistic presentations, praise, preaching and social services for the days where is no matches.
Also, a prayer tend was built for anyone who needs some prayer or a time to chat. They can take a sit and spend time there. In that place, evangelistic material is spread in different languages.

Curitiba´s town hall built a Stage to forecast show and matches in the "Pedrera Paulo Leminski" neighborhood. This place turned in a great oportunity to the staff to make Jesus name known.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

32. Today we started to see a little of the kingdom of heaven, here on earth.

Today Salome Joy Haythorpe is the guest writer for our YWAM Kickoff blog. Salome is an Australian living and working in Brazil

She works with Jovens Com Uma Missão (Youth With A Mission) Belo Horizonte as a missionary living within the largest slum community in the city. Her work is centred around her heart for young people in crisis that they would know God as a father and their value as a child of Him..

Today we started to see a little of the kingdom of heaven, here on earth.

We are running an event during the World Cup by showing the games on TV's in our house. At first it was really popular, but people stopped showing up and we became very discouraged. We had games with just 2 or 3 people.

We kept going anyway, setting up the TV, praying, bringing food for the canteen... and a thought pop into my head while I was helping to set up everything... "I should tell my testimony during half-time".

So I went to the street and tied to bring more people in... spoke to a man who was out front of his house, after I wandered over to the village drunks, boldly walked up to the drug dealers and finally found a friend or two to invite them to come see the game with us.

During our team´s prayer time, I shared what God was telling me to do. I was so nervous. Generally, I like to prepare things to be ready, but God was just telling me to let the Holy Spirit do His thing. A team member prayed with me... and then it was half-time.

I slowly walked to the front, picked up the microphone, made a static squeal noise that got every one's attention. Then I awkwardly began to explain what I was doing and why. I started from the beginning, I was hurt, suffered and I was healed. I wanted to share this with them and wouldn't take a NO for an answer.

Every single person in that place (about 15 showed up) received prayers. Some cried, one man gave his heart to Jesus, but everyone listened.

I remembered the Bible, saying: "How can they hear if no one preaches?".

And almost in tears, I was humbled by the way God had used me...

Now I just can say: What an encouragement for our team! We know God wants to pour out much more!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

31. Documentary "1 Real" fights trafficking in Belo Horizonte

Stop modern slavery in our time!
Let´s say no to sexual exploitation!
We don`t want Brazil to be a destination for sex tourism!
Don't just protect our natural resources when you visit our country: Protect Our Children!

All these slogans flash through my mind as I reflect on the visit from team of 1 Real, 27 Million and others here in Belo Horizonte. They brought with them an excellent documentary which we showed outdoors in one of the most famous squares here in Belo. The setting was a picturesque park with a backdrop of the mountainous horizon.

Setting up

Volunteers showed short trailers on Ipads to invite the young people on the square

Many people stopped to watch the film, but what really caught my attention was a group of young people who usually just come to the square to hang out. They stopped everything to watch the film. I was impressed as I listened to their indignant commentaries as the story of sexual exploitation in Brazil unfolded before them. It was very clear that the message that we, the filmmakers, and the visiting team wanted to convey was well understood by this diverse audience.     

Congratulations to the team that produced this documentary. The filmmakers and the traveling team and their bus are now in Brasilia and will travel to Fortaleza tomorrow. You can follow them as they travel to 8 more of the host cities of The 2014 World Cup. Click here to follow them on their journey.
And click here to see the complete documentary.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

30. IHOP 24/7 prayer and worship rooms in all the World Cup cities

… If my people, called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land…

After four years of waiting, this month, on June 12th, at the sound of a whistle, the beginning of one of the biggest sporting events in the world began, The World Cup 2014. Brazilians and the entire world have been waiting for this day. And in the waiting some Brazilians were hoping for a new beginning, something (anything) better. While others, who are hopeless, seem to have already written an ending that exalts the corruption of those in power in Brazil.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the city of Belo Horizonte and the other 11 host cities of The World Cup, an equally expected and awaited project too had its initial kickoff....the opening of the  24/7 Prayer Rooms of Exodus Cry (a ministry of IHOP).

The people of God in Brazil have waited and longed for this day, just as the world watched, waited and expected the opening of The World Cup. Hoping that the body of Christ would mobilize and begin to wear their priestly garments; begin to intercede and mourn for those who are blinded and cannot; to bring the nation's sins before the altar and ask for forgiveness from our Heavenly Father.

"... Between Sanctuary entrance and altar
    let the priests, God's servants, weep tears of repentance.
Let them intercede: "Have mercy, God, on your people!
    Do not abandon your heritage to contempt.
Do not let the pagans take over and rule them
    and sneer, 'And so where is this God of theirs? "
One at that, God went into action to get his land back.
    I took pity on his people ... "(Joel 2: 17-18 MSG)

During the next 31 days much of the world's attention will be focused on The World Cup, but it will also a time when worship and prayers of The Church in Brazil will not stop for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their cry for salvation for Brazilians and the rest of the nations, their cry for freedom for those who are imprisoned and oppressed will burst forth from Christ´s body, The Church, which is each one of us as we intercede in prayer.

We´ll do this, because faith moves mountains, and the praiseworthiness of a contrite heart is a pleasant aroma in Heaven and an offering that touches God´s heart. We believe this time of intercession will compel His heart to respond and forgive and heal this land.

Are you with a team in Brazil and do you want to participate? Here is the info for all the different cities:

Belo Horizonte:
Rua Guaicurus 354, Centro, third floor
1ª Igreja Batista da Asa Norte
SHCN EQ 113/114, Conj. A - Asa Norte, Brasília - DF - 70766-400
Avenida Iguaçu, 830 - Rebouças, Curitiba - PR, 80230-020, Brazil
+55 41 3015-7950
Rua Tenente Benevolo 646
Centro, Fortaleza, Ceara-Brasil
#386 Rua Lobo D’almada, Manaus
Igreja Presbiteriana Rocha Eterna
Rua Praia de Camboinhas, 9055. Ponta Negra
Porto Alegre:
Instituto Bíblico Esperança - IBE
Rua Deodoro, 265 - Porto Alegre/RS
Fone (51) 3387.1161
Igreja Apostolica Batista Viva: IABV
Av. Visconde de Jequitinhonha, 374-Boa Viagem
Rio de Janeiro:
Vila Mimosa
Igreja Batista Dois de Julho
Rua Carlos Gomes, 120
Centro BA. 40725-610
Sao Paulo
IMOSP- Missionary Community of Sao Paulo
Mamore St, 71, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

29. 1 Real - The other side of the coin.

Hey, check it out!

This week the bus with the production crew of the documentary “1Real – The Other aside Of The Coin” (a film about the reality of sexual exploration and human trafficking in Brazil) arrived here at our YWAM Belo Horizonte base. The crew exists of missionaries from YWAM and 27Million ( an organization that fights against human trafficking), students of a YWAM Mexico  DTS (Disciple Training School), and some volunteers from local churches. JOCUM Belo Horizonte added another YWAM staff member to the team to travel with them for the remainder of their time in Brazil.

The plan is to go to 8 of the 12 World Cup host cities, partnering with the YWAM bases there and evangelize, pray and educate to promote the end of sexual exploitation in Brazil. So now, in addition to all the other outreach opportunities, we have a bus with a YWAM team working in 8 other cities during in the World Cup! 

We encourage you to follow our bus tour and if you are in a city where they are, please go out and join them!!!

Brasília- June 20th-22nd
Rio de janeiro
São Paulo
**The remainder of the schedule will be posted ASAP.