Monday, June 2, 2014

15. 24/7 Prayer Rooms in every hist city... Let´s Join them!!!

Hello Dear Friends!

We have more news about our plans for the World Cup!

Exodus Cry, a ministry of International house of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States, has come to Brazil to partner with the local Body of Christ in response to the desire of The Church to be a light set on a hill, that will draw all men, women and children to Jesus Christ. In order to do this, they will have, in each of the 12 cities, where matches will be held, a 24/7 prayer room for any and all people who want to come and pray, receive counseling or to just be in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. The prayer rooms will be strategically located near all of the red light districts in the 12 cities and the ministry focus will be to those working and soliciting in the brothels and on the streets. However, anyone that comes into the room will be welcomed and ministered to as they request.

The crux of the vision for Exodus Cry, in Brazil, at this time is to be in a spirit of love, dignity and honor. Loves as Jesus loves, without an agenda. 

This approach, no agenda, does not mean there is no purpose; but it does mean that the Holy Spirit will be sought to lead, guide and direct. This approach is also unique to those in prostitution because usually, everyone wants from them, everyone takes from them; but in order to minister effectively it is imperative not to have an agenda or Christians become just like everyone else. Yes we want them to be free, know Jesus, etc. but in the simplicity of Jesus prepared to be with them where they are, just be with them and speak love, honor, and acceptance.

So you must be thinking, well that is all great, but what happens when the World Cup is over and the prayer rooms are dismantled? Another focal point of Exodus Cry is to train, teach, and equip individuals and the local Church to maintain the vision of loving without an agenda. It is the hope of Exodus Cry that those who participate in this project will understand and duplicate this experience, maintaining the focus- this love must be a love that goes the distance. It is a journey with those who come for prayer, counseling and just to be loved. It is certainly NOT a one time thing. They are real people, no different from you or I, longing for relationship, longing for an encounter with true love.

If you have a desire to work in this places during your outreach, take a look in our "CONTACT" page in this blog. There are all the contacts in the host cities to you sign your team in the prayer agenda of the 24/7 rooms.

Thanks again for your support and your interest. God Bless you all!

Jenny for the Kickoff team, Brazil.

Liberdade is Exodus Cry’s (an IHOP Ministry) initiative to bring freedom to the women and children trafficked in Brazil through prayer, outreach, and training of Brazilian residents who will serve as abolitionists in their home country.


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