Tuesday, June 10, 2014

20. Some safety tips for outreach during the World Cup...

Dear faith fellows,

We are so exited about the World Cup getting closer more and more!
There are several teams getting ready to come and we already have others settle down here with us in Brazil.
The personal safety and teams security is an important issue for us specially now, because of the times Brazil is going through.

That´s why we want to present some tips for you to keep in mind, to keep you and your team secure while you are ministering, specially on the streets and during the games.

Guilherme Schelb is an attorney and a specialist in public safety and criminal investigations coordinator for the Security Department here in Brazil. He presents us with some basic safety guidelines to help churches and people who are planning outreach activities during the World Cup Soccer 2014.
We hope they will be helpful for you!
  • Social Context of the Events
    • Public demonstrations and strikes are expected during the World Cup, especially on days with programmed matches. 
    • Demoralized Brazil´s public security forces.
    • Large number of people from different nations and costumes. 
    • Drunkenness and drug use will be common.
    • Security forces will suffer naturally of psychological stress.

  • Strategic Orientations for Churches
    • Don´t gather large groups in public: The security authorities are expecting hostile demonstrations organized and the large groups gathered generate security risks. We suggest forming groups of 20 people maximum.
    • Do not bring backpacks or big banners, due to the risk of being identified as hostile protester by the authorities. Our suggestion is to use small transparent plastic bags to carry brochures or bibles.
    • Avoid the presence of teenagers or people with limited physical mobility for evangelism in the local crowd.
    • To work in evangelism, do it always in groups of two or three people. If it is possible, try to put always men and women together in the same group.
    • Use external identification (like a name tag), complete with name, position and represented institution. We suggest use the typical size for identifications models for official events (20 x 15 cm).
    • Avoid approach children or teenagers without the company of their parents or in a isolated place.

  • How to deal with safety authorities
    • Respect and follow the guidance of officers of the Military Police, Civil Police, Army, Federal Police, State Transit Department agents, and private security guards in private buildings or stadiums.
    • Never yell or argue with the safety authority.
    • Treating safety authority always with the vocative "Sir. or Mr.". 
    • Whenever possible, to reach a place of evangelism, notify the nearest police authority maintaining a dialogue of cooperation and service. This guidance does not apply to situations where there is crowd or atmosphere of hostility.

  • Attitudes of personal safety
    • Realizing a situation of sexual exploitation of children or teenagers, tell your leader and always act together with others, never alone.
    • In case of physical aggression or provocation, never retaliate. Remain silent, especially if the attackers are in group. 

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