Thursday, June 19, 2014

26. KICKOFF at CUIABA!!!!!!!!

Alex e Janaina, two great Ywamers at Pantanal, Cuiaba, shared with us some of the World Cup´s Kickoff moments...

Let´s take a look!

4 churches from different denominations with "Joga Limpo Brazil", a sports ministry, gathered together for evangelizing in the streets around the World Cup´s opening Fan Fest. They were more than 150 people and displayed different strategies and actions for an audience of more than 17000 people.

Also, they repeated the same actions for the Australia vs Chile´s game next to the Stadium1

God opened lots of hearts during this.

He is GOOD!!!!!

Free Hugs followed by one to one evangelizatio. Posters in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish & English.

Welcomed posters, and turist information points.

Capoeira (Brazilian dance)

Capoeira (Brazilian dance)

Intercessory Prayer

Kids face painting

One to one evangelism

Alex and Janaina
YWAM Pantanal

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