Friday, June 20, 2014

27. Red Card against Human Traffic!

- Hey Sr!!!! This red card is for you!!!
- What???!
- Yes it is, this red card is for anyone who is against Human Traffic. And Sexual Exploitation it´s included. Please, take this card with you. It has a free toll number to report any suspicious activity you become aware.
- Oh... OK! You took me by surprise with this red card! It´s a very "futbolistic thing"... hahahha...

We´ve been sharing our red card in all our evangelistic impacts, everytime... With Brazilians and foreign tourists... here are some pictures (and a short video from our Argentinian Ywamers in São Paulo)!

A Pastor of Belo Horizonte´s church before a match sharing and explaining to Brazil´s fellows about the red card.

YWAM Belo Horizonte´s staff against Human Traffic

A Brazilian citizen "arbitraiting"

Our Argentinian YWAMers in São Paulo

More Ywamers in Belo Horizonte before the Colombia vs Greece match...

Colombian tourist before their first match agains Greece

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