Sunday, June 22, 2014

31. Documentary "1 Real" fights trafficking in Belo Horizonte

Stop modern slavery in our time!
Let´s say no to sexual exploitation!
We don`t want Brazil to be a destination for sex tourism!
Don't just protect our natural resources when you visit our country: Protect Our Children!

All these slogans flash through my mind as I reflect on the visit from team of 1 Real, 27 Million and others here in Belo Horizonte. They brought with them an excellent documentary which we showed outdoors in one of the most famous squares here in Belo. The setting was a picturesque park with a backdrop of the mountainous horizon.

Setting up

Volunteers showed short trailers on Ipads to invite the young people on the square

Many people stopped to watch the film, but what really caught my attention was a group of young people who usually just come to the square to hang out. They stopped everything to watch the film. I was impressed as I listened to their indignant commentaries as the story of sexual exploitation in Brazil unfolded before them. It was very clear that the message that we, the filmmakers, and the visiting team wanted to convey was well understood by this diverse audience.     

Congratulations to the team that produced this documentary. The filmmakers and the traveling team and their bus are now in Brasilia and will travel to Fortaleza tomorrow. You can follow them as they travel to 8 more of the host cities of The 2014 World Cup. Click here to follow them on their journey.
And click here to see the complete documentary.

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