Thursday, June 26, 2014

34. God´s love spread and shared through hugs and affirmation words for the kids at Vila União.

During the World Cup the Rescue House team adopted "Vila União" a slum in Belo Horizonte, where they play with the kids, teach in the VBS and watch together Brazil´s games.

Jessica Elisa Kock, is a YWAM´s missionary. She told us about the program developed by YWAM BH - Rescue House to work with kids:

"Lots of games, music and big laughs. This 3 words can resume all the days we´ve passed with the kids and pre-teens at Vila União, a slum community here in Belo Horizonte."

"We felt very welcomed from the first day and every single day after, while we watch Brazil´s matches and also the game-off days. 

You can hear the boys screaming in the houses rounded block, because they want to win every game. The girls sit on the stairs to braid each other´s hair. 

After this we all gather to sit and watch the skits prepared by the DTS students. And finally, of course, we watch our dear Brazil´s football team playing.

At the end of the day the noise only gets bigger and bigger!." 

"This has been a time fulfilled by energy. Even my body gets tired because of so much playing, running and dancing I felt very emotionally motivated. God had taught me about giving freely the most precious present for anybody: LOVE.

Yes, I had shared all the love I´ve received from Him trough hugs and affirmation words for those kids.
And it brings me such a big happiness!!!" 

Jessica Elisa Kock é missionaria da JOCUM e trabalha na Casa Resgate em Belo Horizonte.

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