Tuesday, June 10, 2014

22. Here in Belo Horizonte the 2014 World Cup has already started!

Here in Belo Horizonte the 2014 World Cup has already started!

Last night, June 9th, we had our opening celebration with representatives of numerous churches and organizations coming together in unity.

We had a great time of worship in Portuguese and English, along with various cultural dances, and some deeply touching dramas that demonstrated strongly the heart of God towards those who are rejected in Brazilian society. 

It highlighted the immense inequality that still exists today and I believe it was a strong wake up call for the Brazilian Church.

We also presented the agenda for all of the different evangelism and justice activities that we will have in our city, and highlighted some of the available strategies to increase their effectiveness. Are you with a team in Belo, click here to review the agenda.

Then God used a famous Brazilian soccer player, Ze Roberto, who became a household name playing with the Brazilian team in 2006; to give a strong exhortation to us. 

He emphasized that we don`t need more idols, like famous soccer players, but good, strong role models. He shared a moving testimony of how his mother had been his best role model. 

He also focused on the story of the Good Samaritan and he asked God to pour out an anointing like that of the Good Samaritan over the Brazilian Church. It was a great and exciting start to our outreach ministries!

On Thursday, we will have our first evangelism and justice outreach times, focused against sexual exploitation. These will take place during the opening match of Brazil vs. Croatia. These outreach times will be repeated in all 12 of the host cities for The World Cup. We encourage you to participate through prayer and action!

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