Thursday, June 26, 2014

33. YWAM Curitiba, at the same heart beat with local Churches!!!

Look some photos from Giovanio Rocha, our contact at Curitiba

YWAM Curitiba & the Metropolitan Region bases are developing a great work with different types of actions. 
Curitiba is in the State of Paraná in Brazil, and there are around 5 bases in the region, all of them are united with local churches and focused on evangelization during the World Cup around the stadium.

A stage was set up in the central square (Praça Rui Barbosa) to make artistic presentations, praise, preaching and social services for the days where is no matches.
Also, a prayer tend was built for anyone who needs some prayer or a time to chat. They can take a sit and spend time there. In that place, evangelistic material is spread in different languages.

Curitiba´s town hall built a Stage to forecast show and matches in the "Pedrera Paulo Leminski" neighborhood. This place turned in a great oportunity to the staff to make Jesus name known.

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