Wednesday, June 4, 2014

16. Look what´s happening in Manaus!

Dear Friends,

We can´t stop to give thanks for the people who are joining to the Kickoff ministry. God is adding more brothers and sister to this family.

Manaus YWAM Base is a big place with a small but wonderful dedicated team. Manaus is a city in the Amazonian Region. At the moment 7 staff are working there, but they definitely are being used by God.  

They will start an Outreach in their city during the World Cup, so if you want to join them, or know someone who could be interested in this... don´t hesitate! Here is information!!!

The good news is that a group of 150 young people are coming to help the YWAM base in Manus during the World Cup to do evangelism activities and serve the people with God´s love and approaching them to Jesus salvation.

God really worked amazingly. The YWAM staff team was able to rent a huge place in the city to make it easier for the team to evangelize downtown. It is big enough for 150 missionaries, and is situated close to the key places in the city, during the month of the World Cup,  for a great price (almost 1/3 of the real price)... don´t you think this is Gods providence? We definitely do!!!

Is amazing how God makes everything possible when his people are willing to follow His will.

Please, continue praying for Manaus, the big missionary team and the staff who are hosting this team. Pray for God continue pouring his grace on them, so they be a light in the darkness and bring a breeze of hope to the people in the despair... Let´s pray for God to provide more workers, willing to hear the Father´s voice and having God´s heart for Manaus.

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  1. exciting! Our team can't wait to join you all in Manaus. God bless all you do, and may He bring fruit that lasts out of your ministry!