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Brazil will be hosting the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Many expectations have arisen around this great event and the positives and negatives it will bring.

People from around the world will come to watch the games and do sightseeing tours in the host cities. This huge influx of people provides a real incentive for all kinds of illegal practices, including trafficking of persons. Vulnerable people are deceived into believing false promises, then trafficked, thanks to the favorable environment created by the games.
Human trafficking is the 3rd most profitable crime worldwide, following only illegal drugs and weapons trafficking. 

Human trafficking includes exploitation for rural and domestic labor, trade in human organs, forced marriage, illegal adoption, etc. But sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking: 8 of every 10 trafficked women are sexually exploited.

Kickoff is a ministry that was birthed in 2006 in conjunction with the World Cup held in Germany, for the purpose of reaching and touching people with the Gospel. Today, we have expanded our ministry to include not only evangelism, but also actions against human trafficking and raising awareness of human trafficking in the general population. It is known that during global events like the World Cup, the environment becomes favorable to human trafficking. YWAM is concerned about this and wants to take a stand for those who are being oppressed.

Our team against human trafficking from the YWAM base in Belo Horizonte developed an educational project called "LIBERTODOS - Liberdade para Todos" (Freedom for All) directed towards children and adolescents. Several people have been trained to deliver lectures in schools. The results have been amazing, especially when young people recognize the situations described in the lectures!

The goal is already being achieved! Focusing on awareness, giving practical examples and encouraging use of self-defense and reporting of cases, we believe we will prevent many people from being trafficked. We have partnered with churches and our society to fight this evil together. As Johan Lukasse, National Kickoff Coordinator, proposed: "Let's make the World Cup in Brazil an unfavorable environment for human trafficking."

What can you and your team do?

If you have people who are able to speak Portuguese or have a translator available, there are a few things you will be able to do during your stay in Brazil:

  • Go to schools, community centers, churches, prisons, etc., and give lectures to increase awareness. This is especially important for “tweens” and teens. If you plan to do this, check out the “Libertodos” website. Here you will find a complete kit which includes:
    • A manual for the lectures
    • A proposal about sharing lectures with students to be submitted to the school administrators
    • A creative evaluation for students about the lectures and the program´s content
    • 3 simple videos (1,5 minutes each) to be used during the lectures (also available
    • The audios from the 3 videos in case you want to present their content of them as skits or dramas
    • Power Point slides for lectures
    • Other supporting materials.
    • To order materials write us to:, or visit: Facebook Libertodos.

  • During evangelism you can talk about sexual exploitation and raise awareness. Download our Red Card. Use it to explain everybody about the importance of reporting this crime.

  • Organize intercessory prayer times, prayer walks, etc. You can use the materials we´ve prepared:

  • Talk with taxi drivers and hotel maids to explain the importance of reporting this crime and about the importance of their work places to detect this kind of activities.

Dalila Heleno from the KICKOFF team.


We want to present you one of our partners in the fight against injustice.
Maybe you already know them, or had read about them in other of our posts before. If you didn´t, you can know about them here.

Exodus Cry is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to abolishing sex slavery through Christ-centered prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims.

One of their developments were a film called "NEFARIOUS, The merchant of Souls",  "... is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern-day sex slavery. From its very first scene, Nefarious provides an in-depth look into the human trafficking industry, showing where slaves are sold (often in developed, affluent countries), where they work, and where they are confined."

Their purpose is: "... expose modern-day sex slavery and promote its eradication. The stories we tell as a culture shape and define our world. It is critical that we harness the power of creative media to tell stories that align our hearts with truth."

Please, watch and share about it.

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