Wednesday, April 30, 2014

05. Check out the selections hosting place during the World Cup!

Dear friends,

Hope you be fine, filled by the spirit of God, and burning with the desire to touch every nation with his love!

A lot of teams are interested in sharing the gospel in Brazil during the World Cup. We expect that large number of outreach teams will come to this land to help us welcome the nations.

If you haven't yet decided where you will serve during this trip, or if you already know where you are staying but need some information the events which are going to happen in your host city, here´s  information about the football teams and the places where they going to stay during the competition.

We think it´s good to know where the teams are going to stay, because many events will happen around the teams. We predict that lots of fans from the same countries are going to follow their national teams... So, maybe we can use these opportunities to share the Gospel with them and use the Apps we have introduced to you before...

These Apps are good tools for sharing God´s words in their own languages... and knowing the "plans" of the fans, you´ll have more opportunities to prepare yourself better to share with them!

Have a look at this information and start to ask God for his guidance to prepare your outeach plans!

May God bless you and guide every step of your work for his Kingdom!

Daniela and the Kickoff team, Brazil.

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