Thursday, April 24, 2014

04. Just two more months!

Dear friends,

Just two more months and the FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup will be starting in Brazil.

We are very excited to see how many people downloaded the slides about the 32 nations and the prayer points. If you haven’t done this yet, please take the opportunity now.
Click on this link Below you can see some pictures from our brothers and sister in Argentina (YWAM Ituzaingó) that printed the slides and prayed for the different nations in groups or as individuals.

And now for the big news: We made a special tutorial for people who want to use their mobile phones for evangelism.

Download those 2 apps: and Jesusfilmmedia. Then click on the link for the tutorial 

And learn how you can download and share the spoken New Testament in 700 languages and the Jesus film in over 1,100 languages. We live in such an exciting time with technological tools unimaginable only a few years ago! People can now share the Bible in a language they don’t themselves know, and give the Bible to people from restricted-access nations in a digital form.

Please pray and partner with us in order that the gospel will go out in an unprecedented way.

May God bless you as you reach out with His love,

Johan & Jeannette Lukasse and the Kickoff team, Brazil


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