Wednesday, April 23, 2014

02. Welcome to Brazil!

Dear Friends,
We would like to invite you to come to Brazil with your DTS students and outreach teams during the Football / Soccer World Cup this year 2014, from June 12th to July 13th.
Thirty-two nations will be competing with their national soccer teams. Approximately 600.000 international tourists and 3 million Brazilian tourists are expected to circulate during this World Cup in the 12 host cities of the World Cup.
What a tremendous opportunity we will have to reach out to so many people with the love of God!
Please pray about bringing your team to come on outreach to one of the 12 host cities in Brazil. Here are some ideas of how that could look:
  • Organizing a “Mini World Cup” for children in the slums
  • Bringing awareness and intervention in the areas of slavery, human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Preaching the gospel through drama and arts
  • Praying for people and giving them a cup of water
  • Shaking the heavenlies in intercession
  • Ministering to the homeless and drug addicts
  • Traveling on the Amazon River and reaching the tribal people
  • Doing medical and dental outreach
  • Joining one of the twelve 24/7 prayer houses in the red light districts of the 12 host cities.
  • Sharing with your mobile phone by Bluetooth portions of the Bible or the Jesus film with people from closed nations
There are so many more opportunities in any of the 12 host cities for the World Cup!
Look now and register your team on:

We welcome you to Brazil!

Johan & Jeannette Lukasse and the YWAM Kickoff team


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