Tuesday, April 22, 2014

01. Getting ready for the World Cup...Outubro 2013

As we are planning for the World Cup in 2014, this is a very special time for Brazil—a big challenge, but also a huge opportunity. We would like to see tens of thousands of people come to know the Lord personally—not only Brazilians, but also tourists from different countries.

As during the last World Cups, prostitution, human trafficking and sexual exploitation are growing very fast, and as Brazil is already known for its sex tourism, we would like to ask the teams to focus on evangelism AND justice. We want to give them information and tools for evangelism, but also ways to fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

More than ever, we understand that this is something that cannot be done by only one organization or just one church. We need to work together! We have already found many organizations and churches that are committed to reach out. But there is room for many more!

1. Planning for 6,000 evangelism and compassion teams from around the world to come to Brazil during the World Cup-- around 64,000 people!
2. Sharing gospel media, the Bible in 6000 languages, the Jesus film, the oral Bible in 700+ languages, and anti-human trafficking/sexual exploitation clips, on smart and feature cell phones.
3. Develop strategies for the teams
4. Using soccer and sport strategies
5. Prayer
6. Worship
7. Documentary of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Brazil
8. Small 1-3 minute clips, in Portuguese, teaching how to recognize human trafficking and sexual exploitation, (with phone numbers who to phone in Brazil), to be used
a) in airplanes coming to Brazil,
b) in “seminars” for training:
1. bus drivers,
2. taxi drivers,
3. truck drivers,
4. hotel maids
9. App for mobile phones to denounce sexual abuse and human trafficking, and Call Centers in all 12 cities of the World cup for counselling and prayer.

If your church or organization would like to help in one or more of the specific outreaches, please have a look at our webpage, www.ywamkickoff2014.com, or write us at jlukasse@gmail.com, indicating where your organization would like to be involved or is involved already. If you have an idea that is not mentioned here, feel free to send us your idea—we’re still in the early stages of planning!

Please pray. Ask God what your organization’s involvement might be. Let’s do this together!


Johan and Jeannette Lukasse

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