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11. Johan´s Interview for GUIAME.

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We want to share an interview Johan did for GUIAME.COM.BR, a Christian internet site here in Brazil, talking and explaining a little bit about Kickoff and the expectations we have for this World Cup.
Below you will find the translation of the original interview in Portuguese:

National Coordinator of Kickoff talks about the project of evangelization during the World Cup.

Launched in 2005, with the intent of planning and promoting evangelistic actions during the World Cup in Germany in 2006, Kickoff gained momentum and today continues to mobilize nations.

Leaders of mission agencies, international organizations and local churches are part of the project. After the World Cup in Germany, the team maintained contact and repeated the feat in South Africa and, similarly, the project will continue in Brazil.

Johan Lukasse, National Coordinator of Kickoff 2014, in an exclusive interview, told GUIAME how outreaches are being developed for the Brazilian World Cup host cities.

GUIAME: What brought you to Kickoff?

I am a member of the National Council of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and founder of YWAM in Belo Horizonte. The National Council has asked me to serve as National Coordinator of KICKOFF 2014.

GUIAME: Kickoff has existed since 2005 and has played a role in two World Cups (Germany and South Africa). What new strategies does the project bring to the World Cup in Brazil?

Since 1972, YWAM has been active at the Olympics and World Cups. In Germany we developed a strong partnership with the International Coalition of Sports, and here in Brazil we will continue this partnership, specifically with CBE (Coalition of Brazilian Sports). But there are also several other national movements with whom we are partnering, like the Bible Society of Brazil (SBB) and the project Play Fair and Love Brazil. 

I think the big news for this World Cup will be the emphasis we will place on human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We have several partners on this project, including (among others): 27 Million, Exodus Cry (they will do 24/7 prayer in each of the twelve World Cup cities), CBN, Operation Blessing, Jubilee Campaign, Happy Child, etc.

GUIAME: What is Kickoff’s action plan for the World Cup in Brazil?

In each city, YWAM and our partners will plan a strategy especially for that city, so teams from outside and local churches can choose from a variety of activities such as:

· Organize a "Mini World Cup" for children in the neediest neighborhoods;
· Work on awareness and intervention in the area of human trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation;
· Proclaim the Gospel through drama and art;
· Pray for people and offer them a cup of water;

· Make an impact in the heavenly realms through intercession;
· Minister to street people and addicts;
· Extend the missions trip to an indigenous tribe;
· Reach people with medical and dental care;
· Participate in the 24/7 prayer houses;
· Share Bibles and the Jesus movie with people from nations with restricted access using mobile phones.

GUIAME: Are Brazilian churches interested and participating?

There is a growing interest as the Cup gets closer. In preparation, we did evangelism during the Confederations Cup last year, and several cities have planned outreaches during the months leading up to the Cup. In Belo Horizonte we have focused on evangelism during a few football (soccer) games in the first half of 2014, together with a big group of young people from local churches. I believe this group will only increase during the World Cup.

GUIAME: Is there much foreign participation? Are many volunteers coming from other countries?

We have several teams planning to come to Brazil for the World Cup. We’re still two months out, but I think we'll have around 500 teams coming from other countries with a of total 3,000 to 5,000 people.

GUIAME: What is the average age of the volunteers? Is there any age group that stands out in the Kickoff project?

The ages of the team members range between 16 and 50+. There’s no age restriction; however, those under 18 must be accompanied or have parental consent. We are expecting some King’s Kids teams, where whole families participate.

GUIAME: What is Kickoff’s expectation of the number of volunteers and number of people who will be reached by the Gospel message?

We believe that, on average, a person can speak with 5-20 people a day about Jesus. Multiplying that by the youth of the churches and the teams that are coming, we will reach literally millions of people with the Gospel. The 14th of July will be a Global Day of Evangelism, and Brazilian churches are already committed to mobilizing 10 million believers to the streets on this day.

GUIAME: What is your personal expectation of Kickoff at the World Cup in Brazil?

I believe it could be a great national and international mobilization. To have many teams from different countries coming to Brazil will increase the interest of Brazilians in international missions. I think, after the World Cup and the Olympics, Brazil can become a missionary-sending country like never before.

by Juliana Simioni

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