Friday, May 2, 2014

08. Do you have plans for the World Cup´s trophy tour?

The World Cup trophy, known as "A TAÇA" ("The Cup", in Portuguese), has finished the tour around the globe and is now doing a tour around the capital cities of Brazil.

It´s the first time Brazil will have a chance to see it. 27 Brazilian cities will host "A Taça" during a 41 days tour (

If you already are in Brazil preparing yourself and your teams to share the Gospel during the World Cup, this is a great chance to pull all the ideas you have been preparing into action.

On the other hand, if you are not here in Brazil yet, you can join anyways - trough prayer!

You can pray for the host cities using the calendar below. If you need more information on the cities, the staff of Exodus Cry  has collected information them and Brazil: (Also you can read a little bit more about them in our Kickoff webpage:

Let´s participate together for the healing of Brazil and all the nations!!!!

Daniela and the Kickoff team, Brazil

A Taça´s Brazil Tour:
22nd to 25th of April - Rio de Janeiro
26th & 27th of April - Porto Alegre
28th & 29th of April - Belo Horizonte
30th of April & 1st of May - Salvador
2nd of May - Cuiabá
3rd of May - Curitiba
4th of May - Florianópolis
6th of May - Campo Grande
7th of May - Goiânia
8th of May - Vitória
9th of May - Aracaju
10th of May - Maceió
11th of May - João Pessoa
13th of May - São Luis
14th of May - Palmas
15th of May - Macapá
16th of May - Boa Vista
17th of May - Rio Branco
18th of May - Porto Velho
19th of May - Manaus
20th of May - Belém
21st of May - Teresina
22nd of May - Natal
23rd & 24th of May - Recife
25th & 26th of May - Fortaleza
27th & 28th of May - Brasília
29th of May to 1st of June- São Paulo

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