Friday, May 2, 2014

09. Join LIBERTODOS!!!!

Dear all,

We are so grateful for all the people who are getting involved and putting their passion about Human Trafficking into action... Each one of them is a model for us and a reminder of God´s heart and His desire of freedom for all creation.

Michelle is one of these people who are passionate for God´s freedom. She has an incredibly strong heart for this issue... God placed in her heart the desire for people to know more about this injustice and give them tools to help prevent Human Trafficking.

She hadsbeen working hard to develop a program for schools to raise awareness about this tragic issue that affects many lives every day and it is closer to us than we tough...

If you have the same desire and passion against Human Trafficking, and you are able to work in schools during your stay in Brazil with your outreach teams, we want to present the tool Michelle designed to help increase the knowledge about this evil and the harm it causes.

"LIBERTODOS: Liberdade para Todos" (Freedom for all) includes material to teach about Human Trafficking Prevention. This program can be presented in 2 different formats: 1 class of 60 minutes or 3 classes of 45 minutes each. There is a complete kit that includes:
  • A manual for the lectures
  • A proposal to be submitted to the school administrators about sharing the lectures with students
  • A creative evaluation for students about the lectures and the program´s content
  • 3 simple videos of 1,5 minutes to be used during the lectures (also available
  • The audios of the 3 videos in case you want to present their content of them as skits or dramas
  • PowerPoint slides for lectures
  • Other supporting materials
The idea is to prepare your team to accomplish these presentations in the most practical way.

To receive Libertodos Kit (free), or to receive training in using the material, contact to or visit

Thank you for be standing with us during this significant time!!!

Daniela for the Kickoff team, Brazil

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