Tuesday, July 8, 2014

47. What´s a DTS?

The Discipleship Training School - DTS, is your chance to have an experience with God like never before. It's an intense, rewarding and fun experience of five months of apprenticeship with three months of theoretical training and two months of a practical experience in the missionary field. It is necessary that the student be with us full time, during the whole period of the DTS.

You won´t just only study the word of God, also you´ll learn to make it real in your own life, learning to hear the voice of God and allowing Him to change your heart. DTS is your chance to intensively seek God´s face and understand the joy of the intimacy with the Creator. Each DTS can offer opportunities to the outreach in local, national or international places.

The DTS - Discipleship Training School is a course that offers people the opportunity to strengthened their character and personality to know more God's purpose for their lives. 

The main emphasis of the course is to know God more deeply and provide for the student, favorable circumstances to mature the relationship with the Lord and people around.

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