Tuesday, July 1, 2014

39. How can we stop the sexual exploration and human trafficking?

Last Saturday (July 28th), I had the opportunity to join the YWAM Kickoff team before the Brazil vs Chile´s match at the Mineirão Stadium in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Through face painting, we could shed some light on sexual exploitation and human trafficking problem.

The goal was to raise awareness and while we were painting faces we talked with fans about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. While we were doing all this, I realized that many people supported our cause, but they had no idea what to do. Many of them didn´t know how to report, either to call #100 to Sexual Exploitations or Sexual Abuse reports. Others blamed on foreigners who are here for the World Cup consuming sexual services or simply on the government. 

But the truth is that great part of the blame is ours! Brazil is our country and what happens here should be of interest and concern to each one of us! 

We also received good answers when we asked to people if they knew how to fight against this problem. Som of the answers we got were: To report, raise awareness, educate and impose exemplary punishment by law forces... 

But only at the end of the day I got the two answers I was waiting for: "Stop Consuming" and "To Pray".

Everytime a porn-magazine is bought, a porn-webite is visited, sexual services are payed; the sexual exploitation activity is  geting increased, improved and people envolved get encouraged

If the demand decreases also the offer will decline! 

The solution is at our fingertips! When we understand the fact that people are not - and should not be - sale, our eyes will get opened and our attitudes will change!

And praying is ours most effective weapon against all evil! 

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness in the heavenly realms. We have a relational God who is always by our side, is our greatest ally and the most interested for the end of this evil. In our prayers we shared victories, mourn losses, we support to each other... supporting those who are working in the field... trough praying we get connected with the Creator and receive his strategies.

Let´s pray to God turn the hearts of the trafficker, brake their mean intentions and open the eyes of consumers... to protect and rescue victims and restore families!

We could paint and speak to more than 500 people and I could see the Body of Christ working together to bring joy to God´heart. 

I came back home with a joyful and fulfilled heart.

By Michele Lukasse de Almeida

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